Hunting Land
Hunting Land Sold - Leflore MS

Mossy Break Lodge

350 Acres
Hunting Land
Hunting Land Sold - Leflore MS

SOLD Mossy Break Lodge, the iconic waterfowl property; developed decades before it was common practice to do so. This unique property has been under the same ownership since 1971. Wintering countless numbers of ducks for the past fifty years. The property possesses unique features giving it the ability to punch well above its weight class in property size. The habitat diversity offers a wide range of land uses, creating an environment that attracts migrators in nearly all conditions. From flooded timber, to open deep water, to standing grain and brush thickets. Mossy Break Lodge has the ability to winter ducks in huge numbers and keep them nearby. Its flyway location, centered in the Yazoo River basin, is between Sky Lake and Matthews Break refuges. As well as having two of the most important private property refuges in the Yazoo flyway on either side of it. Accommodation on the property includes a main lodge, being a two-bedroom cottage overlooking Mossy Lake. The lodge is a rustic style cypress wood frame cottage with wood burning fireplaces and mid-century iron wood burning heaters. The lodge has a nostalgic feel, offering a step back to a more simplistic time. A second home on the property is a three-bedroom ranch style home that has been used for farm laborers but would make a perfect guest quarter, with renovation. In addition to the living spaces there are multiple sheds and storage buildings as well as piers and a boat house to access the lake.

Land: 350 +/- acres by deed

• 180 acres cypress swamp
• 65 acres cultivated for waterfowl.
• 45 acres of open lake water.
• 35 acres of lake perimeter timber
• 20 acres hardwood reforestation (20yr)
• 5 acres around facilities


• Main Lodge
• Tenant camp
• Shops and sheds
• Boat house
• Two shaft driven irrigation wells
• 65 acres land formed for hunting w/ water control structures.

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Hunting Land