Select Buyer Services

Sartain’s Heritage Properties contracts to work exclusively for our buying clients to locate the exact investment they are seeking. If you have ever found yourself thinking “I really need somebody on my side” that’s why we’re here. Time and time again we see buyers looking to invest and become disillusioned with this due to the constant bombardment of properties being presented to them. It’s our mission to wade through the available properties and present those that most closely resemble exactly where you want to be.

When consulting with our clients we first identify the needs and financial goals they are trying to achieve. Once these areas are identified, we begin a comprehensive search to turnover properties that are exact matches for each particular buyer. Our ability to reach deep into the market allows us the opportunity to find properties that are not readily available to the general public. We pride ourselves on finding tracts that are not on the open market but are “diamonds in the rough.” One step often missed by a buyer is having local knowledge of the area they are looking to invest in; which is where we step in. By contracting with us as buyer’s agents we have the full ability to work exclusively with you and give you our full fiduciary responsibility in representation. In our opinion this is a crucial step in making a sound investment.

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