Sales & Marketing

In today’s world internet searching is king to buyers preparing to enter the market place. Through our research 88% of all land buyers begin their search online. Sartain’s Heritage Properties is the leader in this field offering our sellers the most competitive placement available; we are listed among the top searched land companies in our area. Furthermore, we provide a full service brokerage to handle the sale, the closing and the reinvestment of funds for our clients.

Our specialized services begin with an on site evaluation to assess the market capabilities of the property. Once the property has been reviewed and compared to other properties within the market place, we begin to develop the marketing strategy. Each property will require different marketing procedures to highlight the properties capabilities. In other words the placement of a high yielding Ag farm would not be the same marketing plan as a recreational hunting property. Sartain’s Heritage Properties has the contacts and ability to reach the specific market areas that best fit the properties needs. We have found our Buyer Outreach Program to be extremely effective as we have the capabilities to reach buyers from around the globe. One strong factor at play in Mississippi’s land markets when compared nationally, is acre for acre land prices are below the national average making this state highly attractive to investors looking for sound land investments and good annual returns on their money. A great example of this is the Mississippi Delta, which is world renown for having capable soils able to push crop yields far beyond most areas. This makes our farm land some of the most valuable and productive lands in the world. Sartain’s Heritage Properties has the solutions. Contact us today and let us be your guide.

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