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Land Consulting & Management

Whether a first time investor or a seasoned veteran of land investment Sartain’s Heritage Properties offers to our clients the unique ability to consult before or after the investment is made to identify the maximum potentials of each property. No two properties are the same therefore identifying and executing the proper plan on the front end can save time, money and help you achieve your goals at a much faster pace.

We are a multi-generation family of land brokers with over 50 years of experience in the Mississippi land market. From finding the right land to invest in, to planning the right property management plan, we have the knowledge and experience for success.

Let us be your hands-on guide to Property Management. Whether it is marketing your existing property for sale, locating new property, allocating government funding programs, land improvements or land management for recreation, Sartain’s Heritage Properties is the answer to maximizing your investment. We work hand in hand with landowners to maximize annual returns and increase the benefits of land ownership.

Some of the management practices we employ:

Agriculture Management

We will guide you through opportunities in maximizing returns, as well as creating additional revenue though alternative practices on agriculture lands throughout Mississippi. We will focus on securing quality farmers with sound farming practices while ensuring modern conservation practices are being utilized on the properties.  We continually explore federal and state level incentive programs to help our investors improve their farms for efficiency. Learn more about Agriculture Management.

Wetland Management

Wetland management involves the supervision, organization and monitoring of policies, decisions and activities that affect the condition of wetlands. Sartain’s Heritage Properties can help plan and implement these practices. Learn more about Moist Soil Management.

Wildlife Management

Not all soils are the same! It is crucial to make the proper adjustments to maximize your properties wildlife. Private landowners and state agencies across the country are using food plots to improve wildlife herds as a whole. Year-round forage and browse is vital to long-term sustainability. Learn more about Wildlife Management.

Timber management

Management of timber is crucial; under management can produce lesser volume harvest and poor regeneration for future growth. Our timber consultants will assist you in balancing the proper use of burning, select cutting, and thinning of your timber for maximum potential. Learn more about Timber management.

Habitat Services

Expert property management is the key to maximizing the value of your land. Sartain’s Heritage Properties can help you manage your recreational property with proven practices in land improvements needed for maximum wildlife habitat. Learn more about Habitat Services.

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Sales & Marketing

Offering the largest and most comprehensive marketing solutions to land owners preparing to sell.

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Select Buyer Services

Employing the most powerful tools available to locate properties that best meet our buyers needs.

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Land Development

Our habitat professionals will meet you on site to discuss planning and improving your property to best meet your management goals.

Hunting Land for Sale Mississippi
Land Consulting & Management

Sartains Heritate Properties offers an award winning and nationally recognized land design team that can implement all aspects of land development.

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Partners Program

Our partnerships have been cultivated between companies that show outstanding leadership, service, and continue to go the extra mile for their clients.

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Photos & Testimonials

Amazing photos of our clients and the game caught on properties we helped them purchase.


Since 1954 we have assisted our clients in achieving their financial goals weather it’s buying, selling, leasing or the development of tracts, we can assist you in all aspects of your land needs. We employ the most powerful internet, regional and local marketing tools available to ensure that your property is seen by the buying public... Learn more »


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