Sartain’s Heritage Properties provides the highest-quality services. We will take care of all of your forest management needs. We make the responsibility to our clients and their forest needs our first priority. Our objective is to make certain that our landowners and their resources are treated with the utmost respect.  We will take on the client’s vision and help form and use the correct forestry techniques, to enhance the quality of the landowner's harvest.

Management of timber is crucial; under management can produce lesser volume harvest and poor regeneration for future growth. Our timber consultants will assist you in balancing the stand for your maximum growth while maintaining superb mass crops for wildlife. Our dedicated team works closely with our local foresters to determine the optimal time to harvest each tree. Rather than selling at unattractive values, we have the flexibility to defer the harvest, allowing the trees to grow in size and value.

What is your timber worth? How can you get the maximum price for it? When should you sell? Where are the best markets for selling? By working directly with the Sartain’s Heritage Properties you’ll know the answers to these questions. Our team of forestry experts are experienced and well trained to assist you. Whether your goal is to sell and receive the absolute highest price possible, or to develop your forest for recreation, or a combination of these, you owe it to yourself to get the most out of your timberland.

Studies show that landowners who utilize a consultant receive as much as 50-percent greater return on their timber. Further studies prove that a well-managed stand can grow timber three to five times more valuable than the same stand if left unmanaged. For these reasons, the earlier you contact your full-time timber management experts, the greater your pay-off will be.

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