WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO BUY HUNTING LAND? Being Land Brokers specializing in hunting land, timber and farm land, we work with buyers in three categories seeking to invest. Farmland Investors desire to close at the beginning of the year prior to the crop season or late in the year after the crop season. Timberland Investors purchase year round, and have a long term financial plan and very specific criteria of the properties’ location to mills, soil types, site productivity and timber age classes. Both of these buyers have a time line and plan of what and when to purchase. Hunting Land Investors should be no different! Potential buyers coming from a lease/club may be displeased with their current situation. The displeasure can often be club rules, the makeup of members, or desiring better hunting. Or, you may have decided to invest in hunting land as a stable and secure investment for enjoyment with family and friends.  Whatever your situation, you have decided to make a financial investment and control their own destiny. However, it doesn’t seem to dawn on hunting land buyers until late summer, as the early hunting season’s approach, to begin their search.  Waiting until late summer can push the closing of the property into the winter months or early into the next year.  That creates problems in the first hunting year of abbreviated seasons or not hunting the property at all, food plots being poorly planted or not being planted. In sum, waiting until late in the year will leave you with a situation of just not being ready to get the full enjoyment of that first season. The best time to begin your search is early in the year with a goal of purchasing in the summer months.  This allows time to get to know the property, set up trail cameras to assess the game, locate stands, clip roads and openings, properly plan and plant food plots and spruce up or construct a Lodge or Cabin. Contact Sartain’s Heritage Properties today, to start your search for that special hunting property and be ready for the upcoming hunting seasons. J. Parker Sartain, Broker

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