Selling Your Land In Today’s Market

One of the most important factors in selling land in todays market is the asking price. It directly affects whether a property can sell and how long it will take. An over priced property will languish in the market and buyers will develop a negative opinion of the property. This translates into few, if any, interested buyers. In todays internet information world, buyers are very knowledgeable of property values and market conditions. The best marketing plan in the world will not fool an informed buyer. Consider this: Approximately 80% of all buyers searching for land begin their search online. A nearby property selling at a price, does not necessarily translate into your properties true value. Factors that influence value include: location, terrain, improvements and utilities on- site, timber, income producing capabilities and visual appeal. Of these influences, the one a landowner can readily improve on is visual appeal. Well cared for and maintained properties show well, creates more desirability and more perceived value to potential buyers. Our knowledgeable land specialists at Sartains Heritage Properties, using up to date market data, will be honest and share with you your property’s accurate market value. If your goal is to sell, review the market data they provide and be objective. Once you do that and list your property at a price that reflects today’s fair market value and market conditions, you have placed yourself in a much better position to actually sell. Sartain’s Heritage Properties specializes in Hunting, Farm and Timber land for sale in Mississippi.

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