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Recreational Property Offers More Than Hunting and Fishing

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As a Land Broker, I have a lot of opportunities to look at properties that will be going on the market for sale or are already on the market. I am always amazed by the things I come across that offers clues of past ownerships and land use or natural remnants of the wildlife using the property.

Many properties are in areas utilized by the Union and Confederate Armies for camp sites, staging areas or battle grounds from the War between the States. There may also be old home sites, farm sites and cemeteries located on the tract.

A Walk-Through Nature:

Get off the ATV and investigate wood lots and fields for evidence of past uses by walking the property. There are hints you can use to indicate that an area of the property may have had past uses. Old aerial photos and maps can assist in identifying areas. Also, search the landscape for daffodils, old crepe myrtles and other plants and trees not necessarily native to the area. Cisterns, chimneys, old rusty vehicles and farm implements are sure fire signs of past habitation. I once identified an old wagon road on an early government survey that lead to a ferry crossing across the Big Black River. The old trail happened to run through a food plot on the property and for years produced horseshoes, ax blades and other things from the past lost or left along the way.

Once an area has been identified, the use of a metal detector and a small spade for digging will help uncover buried items like housewares, old tools and farm implement parts. Areas where Civil War camps and battles occurred can yield uniform buttons, medals, round balls or gun and knife parts.

Antler Shed Hunting:

Beginning in late February through the early spring, whitetail bucks shed their antlers. Look for sheds in areas where food sources are available, along fence crossings, creek crossings and deer trails you may have found during the hunting season. For thickets, where deer like to bed, many sportsmen and sportswomen train their hunting dog companions to seek out and retrieve shed antlers. Where you find the sheds will offer evidence that a particular buck you have seen or captured on a trail camera during the previous season survived the year and possibly indicate his preferred areas for feeding and bedding. In addition, sheds can make great hunting camp and lodge decorations. Many times walking a place I find empty box turtle shells which one day I plan to use making slate calls for turkey hunting.

These are opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities year-round for yourself, family and friends. Getting children involved is especially rewarding by seeing their excitement and fascination with finding old buried treasures and wonders of nature.

Contact Sartain’s Heritage Properties and let us assist you in purchasing your own Recreational Property.

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Farmland is a limited resource and helps in establishing quality products that meet the growing demand for food and fiber. Sartain’s Heritage Properties knows that high-quality farmland is one of the world’s most valuable assets and works to locate and achieve our client’s goals in farmland investment.

Sartain’s Heritage Properties offers a wide variety of exceptional Farms for sale in Mississippi & Arkansas

Surging global population growth is fueling an increase in Farmland investments. In September 2012, world food prices hit record highs, according to the United Nations’ food agency. Expert annalist say there’s no end in sight to this demand which is the driver behind farmland investments.


No surprise then that legendary commodity investor Jim Rogers is gung-ho about farming. He thinks farmland is undervalued, and it will be an investing sweet spot for the next two decades, according to a talk he gave at a 2012 Global AgInvesting Conference in New York.

Investors are often drawn to farmland based upon its cash flow potential (rents or crop yields) in addition to its capital appreciation. Additionally, many investors who are seeking less exposure to paper assets often find that farmland offers the type of diversification that they desire.


Sartain's Heritage Properties offers the highest-quality hunting lands for sale. The properties we offer often have had years of management and time to mature a premium recreational investments.

Many of our recreational properties have been managed for top- quality deer, duck and turkey hunting for years.


We always have premium duck hunting land for sale in Mississippi listed on our website and pride ourselves in only having the highest quality there is. The turkey and deer hunting properties we have go from the Delta Hardwood Bottoms to The Pine Belt Hills.

Sartain's Heritage Properties has a variety of hunting properties that are home to quality wildlife ready and waiting to challenge your hunting expertise. Contact us today and let us help you find the hunting land of your dreams.


Sartain's Heritage Properties understands the importance of timberland as an investment, and ensures that their clients are getting the most from their investment dollars by offering its clients quality timberland investment properties to enhance their client's financial return on investment.

Timberland investment returns are primarily driven by the growth and harvesting of timber and by changes in the value of the underlying lands upon which that timber is being cultivated. As an asset class, timberland offers particularly attractive features that long-term investors view as highly beneficial.


Among other things, it has provided competitive returns relative to its historic risk profile - and these returns compare favorably with those of many traditional asset classes, including stocks, bonds and real estate.

In addition, because of its unique attributes, timberland often performs differently than securities and other financial assets, which means it offers excellent opportunities for improving overall portfolio diversification.

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