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Oct 04 2011 News Letter

Oct 04 2011 News Letter
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Oct 04 2011 News Letter
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Oct 04 2011 News Letter

Oct 04 2011 News Letter

Oct 04 2011 News Letter
Finally, after a long and seriously hot summer we have reached the turning point of fall. The first half of the Mississippi dove season has yielded us excellent shooting. During September our combined total was roughly 1,200+/- birds… Now we’re in final prep for the 2011 – 2012 duck & deer season, which promises at least for waterfowlers to be a record season. Breeding reports for the prairie pothole regions taut high nesting success and hunting reports from northern states sound as if they are off to a strong start. This season Mississippi will continue with its 60 day regular duck season beginning Thanksgiving weekend and continue until the end of January.

Oct 04 2011 News LetterMississippi Farm and Timber investments
Over the past three years investors have struggled to locate and obtain sound investments yielding fare annual returns. Well the truth is there’s not many out there. However one area that continues to gain attention is the Ag sector; on land investments. Global investors have been scooping up just about as much land as they can get theirs hands on knowing that the future holds high promise for annual cash returns and rapid appreciation for land values. See the fact of the matter is when you do the math on the amount of land on the planet that can produce a crop; well.. there nearly more people than land? “That’s really something to think about” and all of us can understand that even with the best technology and pushing yields to unprecedented levels the land will only produce so much! So forward thinking would lend itself to say the price must go up? And that’s exactly what’s happening Ag prices have risen nationally to record levels. Now if your like me, your saying “ok so how can I make this deal work for me and what level of investment am i interested in.” So first things first – identify the level of cash you can reasonably invest, look at a 25% loan to value rate, factor your finance amount at the interest rate and start looking the cash return. In the case of the here and now with the low interest loans and the high yielding cash rentals on cropland investments its safe to if you can generate 5-6% annual cash return on the investment; which will allow for it to cash flow itself. Now there are multiple ways to factor this but for this example what’s happening here is the annual return is carrying the debt and the land is gaining in appreciation. Over the course of several years the investment should start looking pretty good on you retirement plan. Outside of the farming rental there are other potential income factors such hunting, timber, tax benefits and possibly land improvements. All in all one thing is for sure land is becoming increasingly valuable and finding other steady return based investments is becoming harder every day. To learn more on crop or timber land investments give us a call and lets see just how to put your money to work…

Oct 04 2011 News Letter Conservation Reserve Programs – Great for ducks!!

More commonly known as CRP, are government back conservation programs that allow land owners to enroll their properties in term contracts to protect or restore the native plant or tree species of the property and location. Such programs are often used as tools to enhance wildlife benefit and offset annual expense. Most CRP programs are 10-15 year contacts that offer annual payments along with cost- share assistance to establish the practice. One new program that is available to land owners now is CP-40 which was established to restore abandoned aquaculture farms. This program is a 15 year contract that typically pays land owners the annual per acre rental rate plus 20% with a $100 per acre signing bonus and up 90% cost share to establish the practice. These numbers will basically equal up to $1300 – $1400 per acre over the term of the contract. For investors with recreational hunting interest especially for waterfowl this is truly a no brainier. On average aquaculture properties can be purchased around $1500 – $1,700 per acre. So simply put a landowner could generate enough income during the contract to nearly pay for the property while enjoying the recreational aspects. Sartains Heritage Properties works with land owners to design and establish the practice along with annual management strategies to maximize the wildlife benefits. This is truly as good a deal as there will ever be for return based recreational land investments give us a call to discuss properties that will qualify for programs like CP-40.

Oct 04 2011 News Letter

Malvina – Crop and Duck Land
160 +/- acres located north of Hwy 8 between Cleveland and Rosedale along Malvina road. This property offers excellent duck and deer hunting with annual income. The property is well improved offering the ability to flood both the woods and the cropland for duck hunting. There are numerous deer food plots throughout the woods along with ATV trails.

Improvements: 2 irrigation wells with complete Levee System, 2 water control structures, gate and lockable storage building.

Price $320,000.00

Contact: Jacob Sartain 662-836-6048

Big Black River Farms – New Price!!Oct 04 2011 News Letter834 acres located south of Durant Mississippi along Highway 51 this property uniquely offers 157 +/- acres of Pine Plantation and open fields. The property  then drops into the Big Black River bottom; from here the property runs over a mile east until it reaches the banks of the river with approximately 1.2 miles of river frontage. The property offers very mature hardwoods with open forest floors perfect for spring turkeys while having excellent thicket habitat for deer hunting and bedding areas, also mixed throughout the property are several sloughs and wetlands perfect for waterfowl hunting. This is a true wildlife paradise where owners can enjoy all aspects of Mississippi Hunting at its best. Moving back to the “High Ground” situated along the highway the tract includes 2 homes one 2,492 Square foot home in excellent condition that has been utilized as the family lodge and one 900sqft caretaker home. Each Home offers access to Hwy. 51 one being close to the north line and the other near the south property line. This property is perfect for Buyers looking to enjoy their investment year round. Contact: Jacob Sartain 662.836.6048 or Price:$1,710,000.00 or $2,050.00 per acre
Madison County Crop and Timber Investment 597+/- acres Oct 04 2011 News Letter

597.1 total acres west of Flora, MS offering 266.22 +/- acres of   Cropland, 227.22  +/- acres of mature hardwood timber, 98.9 +/- acres of 14 year old pine plantation and 57.4 +/- acres of 5 year old pine plantation. Farm rental and CRP annual payments of $29,286.00.The property is well developed for deer, turkey and duck hunting with roads, food plots throughout the timberland and one water control structure to flood the duck hole. Together with frontage on Spring Creek Road and Hwy. 22 with utilities make this an excellent timber, farm and hunting land investment.

Contact: Jacob Sartain 662-836-6048 or

Thanks for taking the time to check us out, feel free to call us and discuss your options. We love the land and we’re here to help you make the best of your investment.

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