Montezuma Bend Plantation, Coahoma County, Mississippi

UNDER CONTRACT Property: Montezuma Bend Plantation containing 2,874 +/- gross land acres through fee simple title, accretion and levee board lease. This plantation offers a wide range of land use and investment opportunities seldom seen in the delta region. The plantation is located just south of the Helena bridge and west of the mainline Mississippi River levee, in Coahoma County near Moon Lake. The plantation contains 2,293.50 deeded acres, managed for timber production and recreational hunting. Just over 20% of the acres are enrolled in a CRP program generating annual income with an additional 274 acres of cropland acres being cultivated annually for wildlife. Montezuma Bend has a long history of producing excellent recreational hunting. The habitat has been developed for all aspects of alluvial lands sporting opportunities, from its managed Bob White Quail facility and native grass buffers to the 70-acres of land formed fields used for duck crop production. Additional waterfowling opportunities can be found in the property’s 7 natural lakes and numerous natural depressions found throughout the plantation. There is a healthy turkey population found at Montezuma with as many as 13 long beards being counted together in the fall of 2019. As consistently found along the Mississippi River, the whitetail deer hunting is arguably unrivaled nationwide… Some of the annual hunting guests to the plantation have commented the deer herd is second to none on Mississippi Batture lands… Thompson road is a paved county road leading to the property access point at the mainline river levee. On the protected side of the levee the property includes a one-acre site containing a state of the art quail raising facility and equipment storage area conducive to build any type of permanent building, giving owners the ability to be sheltered from a prolonged river event. Montezuma Bend was named after the steamboat Montezuma which sank in the vicinity sometime in February of 1829. The story goes she hit a “sawyer” which is a tree trunk that has embedded in the bottom of the river and still has the top sticking out barley above water. The steamboat being visible in the area for many years afterward gained its name. Eventually the currents shifted west, creating a new channel, leaving the old cutoff. The bend began to accrete and grow in size which to this day continues. Located on the south end of the plantation at “Snag lake” a former river channel during the Civil war era, lies Grant’s Pass, a man made channel that was constructed by union troops to allow access into Moon Lake and passage into Yazoo Pass, which connected the lake to the Yazoo River allowing access though the Mississippi Delta to Vicksburg. Interested parties to this historic plantation should inquire with Sartains Heritage Properties, LLC Montezuma Bend Property Summary Property Breakdown 1,526.12 Timberland 479.68 FSA CRP 287.7 +/- open and cultivated, FSA effective Cropland 2,293.5 Gross acres – fee simple title 92 +/-acres accretion – not titled 489.3-acre Levee Board Land Lease Total Riverside Acres: 2,874.80 (lease, title & accretion acres) Soil Type Alluvial land (Ag) 89% Water (W) 8% Doweling Clay (Da) 3% Ground Elevation 165 Feet Ground elevation River Side – 180 Feet at tow of levee slope Improvements: 1-70 X 60 specialty building (4,200sqft) – located on the protected side of levee elevated rustic cabin one shaft driven ground water well Extensive road network 70 acres land formed waterfowl Impoundments Income: CRP: $75,622.00 – up to annual payment Annual Hunting licenses: $30,000.00 (6) Carbon Sequestration payment, based on annual carbon sold Taxes: $12,031.49 (2018) Crop Base: See attached FSA 156EZ Soybean: 113.56 Peanut: .08 Corn: 17.62 Wheat: 70.18 Price: $7,095,000.00 – Owner shall covey property based on fee simple title acres by warranty deed, all lands under levee board lease shall be transferred by proration of the lease amount at closing, subject to acceptance of transfer approval by the levee board. All accretion acres will be conveyed but no warranty shall be included in those acres due to there being no title. Sartains Heritage Properties office: 601-856-2720 / Jacob Sartain 662-836-6048 or Rob Coker 662-571-7348 or

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