Mississippi Land For Sale – Inventory May 2013

BUY LAND? NOW IS A GOOD TIME. Farmland has been at the leading edge over the past two or three years.  Its ability to produce a stable level of return through agricultural leases has increased demand in all areas of the USA with tillable ground seeing increases in value.  However, due to the pressures of that demand and the now limited availability of farmland for sale, this land class may well see a slowing in demand. Timberland has begun to get more interest as the rise in housing starts improves nationwide.  Retail prices for finished lumber are rising due to tight supplies from the mills. As operating mills add additional shifts and shuttered mills reopen, the price at the stump will improve due to the increasing need for forest products.  Institutional buyers are already in the market and have been taking advantage of value decreases some areas experienced as a result of the recession.  As the economy improves and construction starts continue to rise, timberland could well be the next run up similar to what farmland has experienced. Recreational properties are seeing an increase in demand.  As availability of credit improves and interest rates remain low, this land asset makes more sense as an investment.  Some recreational properties can also benefit the investor through agricultural leases and timber sales. Even through the tough economic times, as it has historically, land continues to be a secure investment for savvy investors with foresight and long term financial goals. Mississippi Land For Sale – HUNTING, FARM, TIMBER LAND INVENTORY – May 2013

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