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Mississippi Hunting Land

Owning your own hunting property can be a most rewarding experience, especially as you see the results of your efforts through a good land and wildlife management plan, along with creating life long memories by building a family legacy and hunting heritage.  Our family has a long heritage of hunting that has been passed on for generations and hope you too can build those memories.

If you were interested in purchasing land, Mississippi is one of the first places you should look. Mississippi is blessed with a plethora of hunting opportunities and there are many reasons to consider purchasing hunting land for sale in Mississippi.

Deer hunters in Mississippi enjoy a long season beginning with archery in October, early primitive weapons season in November and extending gun season through January 31st and even through February 15th in the Southeast Zone. Our bag limits on private land allow for 3 bucks per annual season statewide, five antlerless deer in the Delta and Hill Zones and 3 antlerless deer in the Southeast Zone. Mississippi’s deer population, as reported by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, is estimated to be 1.75 million, with hunters harvesting approximately 280,000 deer annually. Herd management by landowners has become an integral part of their property management plan, which produces numerous trophy bucks annually across the entire state. In fact, According to the Quality Deer Management Association, Mississippi hunters harvested the highest percentage of mature bucks during the 2014-15 season of any state in the nation.

Duck hunting in Mississippi is excellent, especially in the Mississippi Delta, which is located along the historical Mississippi Flyway. Duck hunting in Mississippi begins with the September teal season with the regular duck season opening in late November and ending in late January. The 2014 U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service Report estimated that Mississippi hunters harvested approximately 327,500 birds. There are thousands of acres of agricultural lands, water and moist soils habitat being managed by landowners for optimum waterfowl hunting. There are thousands of acres being managed by landowners for optimum waterfowl hunting, as well as duck management areas on State and Federal lands, which serve to hold the ducks in state through the end of the season into late January. The late season typically offers the best hunting, allowing dire hard hunters to follow the migration south throughout the seasons beginning in Canada and ending in Mississippi.

If turkey hunting in Mississippi is your passion, most areas of the state offer first rate hunting with access to a mixture of pine and hardwood forests across the Magnolia State. The only exception is in the Delta region, but there are pockets of large hardwood tracts and the areas along the Mississippi River that support huntable populations and offer great hunting. Turkey season opens March 15th and ends May 1st annually. The spring bag limit is one gobbler per day with a beard of six inches or longer and three gobblers per license year. Mississippi also offers fall turkey hunting in select counties of the state.

Small game hunting, dove, squirrels and rabbits, is abundant across the state and is often the precursor for getting a youth involved in the hunting world.

Mississippi dove hunting, which opens in early September, can be a social event that can include a morning and afternoon hunt, with a good old fashion barbeque sandwiched in between.

Squirrel seasons include a fall season in October and a spring season in May. The daily bag limit is eight per day in the fall and four per day in the spring.

There is nothing better than a good rabbit hunt behind a pack of beagles. Rabbit season begins in mid-October and runs through mid-February with a daily bag limit of eight.

Land prices in Mississippi are relatively low when compared to other southeastern states. This allows a buyer to get “more for less”, which translates into more acres for the total price. From an investment standpoint, buying land is Mississippi is a very safe asset for your portfolio. Many properties also offer income potential through timber harvests or agricultural leases. Historically, Mississippi land prices remain stable, even during tough economic times, and are not subject to downward value trends as can be the case with the stock market and other types of real estate investments.

As you can see, Mississippi has tremendous opportunity to get in the woods or field, no matter what game you want to chase.   Owning your own piece of hunting land can make those times in the field even that much more enjoyable. Contact us at Sartains Heritage Properties at 601-856-2720 to help make this dream a reality.

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