MDWFP Proposes Changes to Wildlife Supplemental Feeding Rule

JACKSON – A change to the wildlife supplemental feeding rule was proposed by the Commission on Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks at its recent meeting on August 19th. In summary, the proposed change removes the “line of sight” prohibition from the rule, allowing hunters to place approved feeders in locations where they can be seen by the hunters. Unchanged in the proposed rule is the requirement that hunters must be at least 100 yards from the feeder. The proposed change in the rule will now be filed with the Secretary of State’s Office and will begin a 30-day period of public comment by interested parties. Sportsmen and women’s opinions are encouraged during this evaluation period. Please email or write your comments for Commission consideration to:; or MDWFP/Supplemental Feeding Rule Comment, 1505 Eastover Drive; Jackson, MS 39211. At the end of the public comment period, the Commission will give due consideration to all comments received, prior to any final vote. Any such vote will be taken during the Commission’s regularly scheduled meeting. If adopted, the Commission will then vote to determine the date on which the rule shall become effective. Reprinted from “The Outdoor Wire”.  

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