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Magnolia Records “Mississippi’s Best Bucks” vol. 2 is finally here!

Magnolia Records “Mississippi’s Best Bucks” vol. 2 is finally here!

Magnolia Records “Mississippi’s Best Bucks” vol. 2 is finally here!





Finally!  Volume 2 is here!  Over 200 of Mississippis Best Bucks Featured!

Introduction by Rick Dillard

It’s been a long time coming.  Over 10 years to be exact.  Hopefully it has been worth the wait.

Since the first book, we have collected lots of data that shows where, when and how many of these bucks were taken. These charts and maps contain information that dates all the way back to 1895 when the oldest record for the program was killed.

As you turn the pages you will immediately recognize that not all deer entered in Magnolia Records are listed in this book.  At over 7,500 deer officially scored and over 4,300 meeting the minimum qualifications, it was impossible to squeeze in everything and still share the remarkable stories on how some of the giants were killed.  However, a full listing of all bucks can still be found by visiting the Mississippi Wildlife Federation website, searching for Magnolia Records, and clicking on the link.

Numerous records have fallen recently in several categories.  Examples are: Overall state record typical, muzzle loader typical, and archery typical.  What is really amazing is that large bucks are starting to show up in counties or regions where they were not known to do so in the past.  This indicates that while good soils are a primary factor in producing trophy bucks, good habitat management and allowing bucks to reach older age classes plays an important role as well.

Lastly, as a tribute to the conservation efforts of two worthy organizations, those bucks in this book officially entered with the Boone & Crockett Club, and the Pope and Young Club have been identified with their official logo.

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