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Land Management for Wildlife

Land Management for Wildlife

Land Management for Wildlife


Land management is the process of managing the use and development of land resources which are used for a variety of purposes including agriculture, reforestation and timber practices, water resource management and habitat manipulation benefiting wildlife.


Now that we have defined the term, let’s delve deeper into the part of land management benefiting wildlife and the equipment required.  Managing land for wildlife can involve many types of species which will benefit from proper management techniques, so just owning a tractor to plant food plots certainly doesn’t represent the whole picture. Often there are specific equipment needs the average landowner does not have available at his disposal.


Specialized equipment is necessary for specific jobs in planning and enacting a well thought out Management Plan.  Clearing roads, planting or clearing food plots, constructing lakes and ponds, developing or improving drainage all require equipment of various sizes and function to achieve the desired results economically.  Other aspects of land management may involve timber harvests, the use of chemicals and fertilizers, as well as proper soil preparation and planting practices for food plots and waterfowl impoundments. Each of these practices requires the use of equipment designed to accomplish the task at hand.


Understanding how each piece of equipment operates and its specific function can save a land owner a bundle by minimizing the time on site required from start to finish of the job.  At Sartain’s Heritage Properties, we understand this process well and have improved or developed thousands of acres for landowners, not only improving the value of their land, but improving the properties ability to attract and hold wildlife, thereby improving the hunting experience.


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