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Luketown 77.24 acres Kemper County MS

77.24 Acres
Hunting Land
Hunting Land -

Luketown is a promising 77.24 acre piece of land, especially for wildlife enthusiasts and those interested in timber resources. Here’s a breakdown of its features and potential:

Location: Situated in Kemper County, MS, the property is conveniently accessible from Highway 21, a paved state highway. Being 18 miles northeast of Philadelphia, it offers a balance of seclusion and accessibility.

Terrain and Timber: The land boasts varied terrain, with elevations ranging from 500 to 460 feet in the SMZ drainage area. The 55 acres of cutover provide excellent cover and browse for whitetail deer, while the 21 acres of hardwood SMZ serve as a wildlife corridor, particularly appealing for their acorn production in the fall.

Surroundings: Surrounded by other timberlands to the north and east, the property enjoys a natural buffer, enhancing privacy and wildlife habitat. Additionally, the presence of pasturelands to the southwest adds to the diversity of the surroundings.

Utilities and Access: Utilities are available on the highway front, simplifying the process of developing or building on the land. Access to the property is facilitated through 16th section land, ensuring ease of entry while maintaining a degree of separation from the main road.

Potential Uses: Given its timber resources and wildlife habitat, the property offers a range of potential uses. It could serve as a hunting retreat, a timber investment, or even a site for a rural residence or cabin getaway.

Overall, the property presents a promising opportunity for those seeking a combination of natural beauty, recreational potential, and investment value in the Kemper County area of Mississippi.

$1900 per acre / $146,756.00

Contact: J Parker Sartain 601.506.2398


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  • Land is 77.24 acres
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