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Farm Land - Warren MS

Fowler Plantation

Under Contract
1006.65 Acres
Farm Land
Farm Land - Warren MS

UNDER CONTRACT Fowler Plantation, located in Warren County, Mississippi near the confluence of Deer Creek and The Yazoo River. The farm offers a variety of land use and income streams as well as being in an IRS Opportunity Zone. Providing investors, a wide range of options for maximizing the use and return on the investment. Comprised of 1,006.65 +/- acres with roughly half being cropland and the other half being wooded. The property has a modest level of improvements for recreational opportunity, with no improvements beyond maintained drainage and turnrows in the farmland acres. With the variety of conservation program opportunities, agriculture production, and recreational ability. Fowler Plantation, could be maximized to create an above market annual return with a very favorable long-term disposition strategy, using the Opportunity Zone status.
Acre Classification: +/-
• Gross acre by tax parcel: 1,006.65
• FSA cropland: 562.8 (crop-base 494.13)
• Effective cultivated acres: 533.47
• CRP acres: 251.66
• Natural woodland, levee, and pasture: 192.19
Primary Soils: 45% Class two commerce loam, 55% Sharkey clay (see attached soils map)
Crop Base:
• Seed Cotton: 207.6 acres
• Soybean: 169.26 acres
• UNA Generic: 50.64 acres
• Wheat: 66.63 acres
• Farm lease: crop share through 2023 average annual income $60,000.00
• CRP: through 2028 $39,934
• Hunting estimation: $20,000.00

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