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Valewood is a top notch, inside the levee equity share club featuring outstanding duck and deer hunting with luxurious accommodations. Duck habitat includes managed waterfowl impoundments, a flooded CRP field, an oxbow lake with Mississippi River access at certain river stages and flooded willow flats and grass flats. The duck hunting at Valewood is always good and often great.
Deer hunting features high carrying capacity deer herd with trophy bucks peaking in the 150s to date. The club is committed to trophy buck management so even bigger bucks are in the near future. Seeing 20-30 deer on a hunt at Valewood is not uncommon.
With great hunting and great fishing, a magnificent lodge available for year round use by Valewood’s members, access into the MS River at nearby Mayersville and water sports on nearby Lake Washington, Valewood features everything you could ask for in a MS River batture land property.
Equity share clubs simply do not get any better than this and the price is right. All of this value for only $225,000 for the share + debt assumption of $75,000.

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