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Waterfowl & Wetland Design

Creating a wetland or waterfowl property the way you, the landowner wants it; it may seem like a demanding task to undertake. Fortunately, Sartain’s Heritage Properties are respected for their efficiency, innovation and expertise. We provide our clients with Full-scale site plans, custom water control structures, land formed and levee construction. We ensure that you are with us every step of the way. Here at Sartain’s we have a team of professional employees dedicated to making sure that you get project updates. We also confirm contract compliance, approved audits, and maintain your financial tracking.

Different types of wetlands attract different communities of wildlife. Therefore, your wetland should reflect your management goals. For example, if you would like to manage for waterfowl, then a wetland with a 50/50 mix of open water and aquatic emergent plants is ideal. The water depth for dabbling ducks (mallards, teal, wood duck, etc.) should not exceed 18 inches and should include depths less than 12 inches. Generally, aquatic emergent plants grow in shallow areas less than 18 inces in depth. They are important because these plants provide food and cover for many species of wildlife such as waterfowl, reptiles, amphibians, and the invertebrates they depend on for food. Deep-water areas provide habitat for diving ducks and many fish species. They are important to migrating (waterfowl, water birds) and overwintering (fish) wildlife.

As you can see, the topic of waterfowl and wetland design can get extremely complicated. Don’t take this all on yourself, call Sartain’s Heritage Properties right now and work with skilled highly experienced professionals to craft the environment perfect for your land investment.

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