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Heritage Land Report

Heritage Land Report

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02 / 2012
Duck Hunting The Mississippi Delta 2011-2012
Duck HuntingThe MississippiDelta2011-2012
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What winter? Another Mississippi hunting season is in the books… There is no question this past season was one of the warmest on record, it seemed every time a good cold front would work its way into the Magnolia state it was interrupted by a stronger warm front moving in from the south… Despite the somewhat adverse weather there was still lots of good action this year for duck hunters. For most, this was the year of the Teal as the warm conditions never really moved them out and seemingly never really moved the Mallards in. Although there were some great Mallard days the majority of the season was just not cold enough to keep the big ducks in the state; leaving them to our neighbors in the north. Mid-Western states experienced some of the best Mallard action in several years. Bottom line for Mississippi if there’s no snow and no freezing condition to the north its going to be tough down here.

However based on statewide reporting Mississippi stacked up some GREAT bucks this season. I personally know of four 180″ deer killed this season and several in the mid- 150’s.. It seems our great state is really making a big move toward trophy management and seeing those results more and more each year!

ducks flying

Land Markets – “Investors continue to seek alternatives”

There is no doubt that investing continues to be somewhat of a moving target, with global turmoil still scaring the heck out of most. Finding alternative methods to protect and grow your portfolio remains challenging. Mississippi’s land market however continues to gain high levels of attention from out of state and global investors, mainly due to some relatively simple methods. Low acre pricing, moderate Ad-valorem tax rates, available properties and the ability to create income that shows annual cash return. Basically these are the tools needed to make land investment attractive. The basic outlook is with global demand certain to rise for commodities and wood products; being positioned now with properties that can produce these goods equals long term appreciation and capital growth on the investment. So now starting down the road of land investment what can a person expect to see over the next several years? Historically land has appreciated in the neighborhood of 3-5% annually, plus factoring the annual income potential could give investors the ability to create somewhere in the neighborhood of 6% – 12% annual return depending on several factor that can only be assessed property to property..

turkey pic Techeva Valley

“This is a great property that has been well managed for over twenty years!”

718 +/- acres located along Shannon Bottom Road in Yazoo County, Mississippi. This is a first class hunting and recreational property offering investment grade hardwoods and 18 year pine plantation timber. With its proximity to the Mississippi Delta the property supports a healthy deer herd with great genetics.

The large mass bearing capabilities of the hardwoods, older age pines with open forest floors and several acres of managed food plots, makes the property excellent turkey hunting as well.

The terrain is very diverse from flat top ridges and bottomlands to bluff hills overlooking the Delta.

Improvements include: Hunting Cabin, Shed/Cleaning facility, All Weather Roads, Food Plots with Shooting Houses and Gated Access. $1,902,700.00

Black River Farms The Coldwater Retreat

Coldwater Retreat – 245 Surveyed acres located in Tate County Mississippi, along highway 306 three miles east of I-55. This property offers excellent investment and recreational opportunity with annual income. The diversity of the property is very unique with rolling timbered hills, open cropland and pine thickets. With its location to Memphis (25 miles south) this property is the perfect investment and hunting retreat. The Coldwater area is rapidly growing with development and this property lends itself to development in the future. $624,750.00

Big Black River Farms turkey pic

834 acres located south of Durant Mississippi along Highway 51 this property uniquely offers 157 +/- acres of Pine Plantation and open fields. The property then drops into the Big Black River bottom; from here the property runs over a mile east until it reaches the banks of the river with approximately 1.2 miles of river frontage. The property offers very mature hardwoods with open forest floors perfect for spring turkeys while having excellent thicket habitat for deer hunting and bedding areas, also mixed throughout the property are several sloughs and wetlands perfect for waterfowl hunting. This is a true wildlife paradise where owners can enjoy all aspects of Mississippi Hunting at its best. Moving back to the “High Ground” situated along the highway the tract includes 2 homes one 2,492 Square foot home in excellent condition that has been utilized as the family lodge and one 900sqft caretaker home. Each Home offers access to Hwy. 51 one being close to the north line and the other near the south property line. This property is perfect for Buyers looking to enjoy their investment year round.$1,710,000.00

Sartains Heritage Properties works throughout Mississippi, matching our clients with the proper investment to maximize their returns. Our goal is creating long term wealth and enjoyment from the land and to leave Mississippi’s land and waters better than we found them..
To learn more on land investing and property development give us a call we’re here to help…

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