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Is Now a Good Time to Buy Land in Mississippi?

If you’re interested in land for sale in Mississippi, you should know that now is a good time to buy land. However, you’ll need proper guidance in order to isolate the best real estate opportunities. Whether you’re interested in purchasing Mississippi duck hunting land, Mississippi timber land, farmland for sale in Mississippi, Mississippi deer hunting land or any other type of Mississippi hunting land, you’ll find that using the services of a land broker that specializes exclusively in land will help you navigate the process and assist you in achieving the goals and objectives of your purchase.

To help you decide whether or not to invest in land in our beautiful and friendly State of Mississippi, let’s review some important questions. Asking yourself these questions will help you to move closer to a wise and informed decision.

What Type of Investment is it?

Any type of land purchase is an investment; however, different types of land offer different uses and income potentials. If you’re buying land in Mississippi as an investment, you should consider your investment goals. Some people prefer to buy land and resell it later, when the land market supports higher prices. Others prefer to hang onto land over the long term. They don’t need fast profits and prefer to wait things out, with a mind to getting more from an investment down the line.

There is a risk element here. The market can go in either direction. This is why researching land opportunities will help you to find the best ones. You’ll need to have a sense of whether or not the value of land is going to go up over the short term or the long term. Land can decrease in value, stay at the same value or go up in value. The smartest investors know when to get into the market and when to get out.

Should the Land Produce Income?

If you want land for hunting or recreation, income potential may not be a primary reason for your purchase. Others want more from land. For example, if you are interested in annual income you should consider purchasing farm land. If your financial goals are more long term, purchasing timber land may suit you better. Again, knowing what you want from land is vital. A great land broker will be able to give you expert advice about which parcels of land are most appropriate for hunting/recreation or income generation. It’s also possible to do tons of research on your own. After all, the Web is loaded with real estate opportunities. Bear in mind that some of these may not be as great as they appear. Land brokers know where the true gems are hidden and can help their clients find and purchase a tract of land that truly meets their financial and goals.

If you want to purchase land for hunting and recreation, you’ll need to find land which features your preferred species. For example, an avid duck hunter will want to find land in an area where ducks historically migrate and have existing or potential water and food sources. A deer hunter will have different needs. As a hunter, you probably already have a sense of which type of land offers the best hunting opportunities. You simply need to find that type of land for an affordable and competitive price. Also, any land that you buy for any reason should be purchased from a reputable seller. It’s important to check out a seller in great depth before you decide who to buy from. You can skip this step when you work with an established land broker. He or she will be able to offer support and guidance. All land brokers are not created equal, so be sure to be careful about who you work with. When you choose the best, you’ll dramatically boost your chances of enjoying a smooth and pleasant transaction.

Should You Use Cash or Credit?

Some people buy land outright, with cash. This old-fashioned approach has merit, to be sure, but not everyone has ready cash to make a purchase without considering financing a portion of the purchase price. The truth is that getting a loan for the price of the land may make more financial sense, even if you do have the ready cash. After all, if you find a loan with low interest and then use the rest of the cash for other investments, you may be better off in the long run. You’ll have a manageable monthly payment, reasonable interest and you’ll retain your liquidity if you wish to. Before buying, definitely spend some time thinking about how you’re going to pay for what you buy. Research financing options if you need them or even if you don’t. Even with the recent increase in the Fed rate, interest rates remain at historic lows. A great land broker should be able to offer lots of practical advice about this. However, in the end, how you pay will be a very personal choice.

Land in Mississippi is a smart investment. Historically land values in Mississippi remain stable even during tough economic times. Hopefully, our comprehensive guide gives you some food for thought as you contemplate buying land in Mississippi.

If you’re interested in moving forward and buying land, we recommend that you connect with our Sartain’s Heritage Properties Team today. We have over 50 years of experience in guiding clients in the right direction and helping them find what’s exactly right for their needs, budget and goals.

We are standing by in order to help. We’ll answer your questions and help you to make smart decisions. So, why not contact us today?


Farmland is a limited resource and helps in establishing quality products that meet the growing demand for food and fiber. Sartain’s Heritage Properties knows that high-quality farmland is one of the world’s most valuable assets and works to locate and achieve our client’s goals in farmland investment.

Sartain’s Heritage Properties offers a wide variety of exceptional Farms for sale in Mississippi & Arkansas

Surging global population growth is fueling an increase in Farmland investments. In September 2012, world food prices hit record highs, according to the United Nations’ food agency. Expert annalist say there’s no end in sight to this demand which is the driver behind farmland investments.


No surprise then that legendary commodity investor Jim Rogers is gung-ho about farming. He thinks farmland is undervalued, and it will be an investing sweet spot for the next two decades, according to a talk he gave at a 2012 Global AgInvesting Conference in New York.

Investors are often drawn to farmland based upon its cash flow potential (rents or crop yields) in addition to its capital appreciation. Additionally, many investors who are seeking less exposure to paper assets often find that farmland offers the type of diversification that they desire.


Sartain's Heritage Properties offers the highest-quality hunting lands for sale. The properties we offer often have had years of management and time to mature a premium recreational investments.

Many of our recreational properties have been managed for top- quality deer, duck and turkey hunting for years.


We always have premium duck hunting land for sale in Mississippi listed on our website and pride ourselves in only having the highest quality there is. The turkey and deer hunting properties we have go from the Delta Hardwood Bottoms to The Pine Belt Hills.

Sartain's Heritage Properties has a variety of hunting properties that are home to quality wildlife ready and waiting to challenge your hunting expertise. Contact us today and let us help you find the hunting land of your dreams.


Sartain's Heritage Properties understands the importance of timberland as an investment, and ensures that their clients are getting the most from their investment dollars by offering its clients quality timberland investment properties to enhance their client's financial return on investment.

Timberland investment returns are primarily driven by the growth and harvesting of timber and by changes in the value of the underlying lands upon which that timber is being cultivated. As an asset class, timberland offers particularly attractive features that long-term investors view as highly beneficial.


Among other things, it has provided competitive returns relative to its historic risk profile - and these returns compare favorably with those of many traditional asset classes, including stocks, bonds and real estate.

In addition, because of its unique attributes, timberland often performs differently than securities and other financial assets, which means it offers excellent opportunities for improving overall portfolio diversification.

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