In spite of the dry conditions in Mississippi, we have prepared our fall/winter food plots for the upcoming 2015 -2016 deer season. At this point, we can only pray for rain and cooler temperatures to insure our efforts were not in vain. The early primitive weapons season (Antlerless Deer Only) opens Monday, November 9 in the Hill and Delta Zones. Legal weapons during the early season are all archery equipment and “Primitive Firearms” being single or double barreled muzzle-loading rifles of at least .38 caliber; OR single shot, breech loading, metallic cartridge rifles (.35 caliber or larger) and replicas, reproductions, or reintroductions of those types of rifles with an exposed hammer; OR single or double barreled muzzle-loading shotguns, with a single ball or slug. Remember that during any open season on deer with primitive weapons after November 30, a person may use any legal weapon of choice on private lands only, if the person is the legal title owner of the land; the lessee of the hunting rights on the land; a member of a hunting club leasing the hunting rights on the land; or a guest of a person specified above. If the person is required to have a hunting license, the person must have a primitive weapon license, Sportsman’s License or a Lifetime Sportsman’s License. So get in the outdoors this hunting season and, be safe, be ethical, be sure to take a kid hunting! Contact Sartain’s Heritage Properties if you are considering selling or purchasing a hunting tract. SHP Your Guide Secure Land    

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