Deer Hunting In Mississippi No Longer a Well-Kept Secret!

Being a lifelong resident and hunter in Mississippi, I have said for years that deer hunting in the Magnolia State was a well-kept secret.  Well now the secret is out! According to an article in the June/July issue of Outdoor Life magazine, Mississippi has been ranked seventh in the top ten states in the nation for producing big bucks.  The rankings are based on four criteria: 1) Number of bucks qualifying for Boone & Crockett records. 2) Hunter density in the state. 3) The cost of guided hunts. 4) Laws and regulations being hunter friendly. To view the Outdoor Life article visit One reason for the ranking is the excellent work of the biologists with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks through the Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP).  Also, many landowners and clubs have engaged private wildlife biologists, formed management associations and joined groups like QDMA to improve the deer herd through land management and harvest practices. With all these resources available, thousands of acres have been placed under programs that have produced the result of our state being ranked nationwide as a destination for trophy whitetails. Our top ten ranking leaves me with a bad news/good news quandary. The bad news is! We are no longer a well-kept secret. The good news is! We should all be proud of our efforts in managing this wonderful resource and enjoy the improved chances of harvesting the buck of a lifetime for many years to come.   J. Parker Sartain Sartain’s Heritage Properties

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