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Lunsford Road 60.75, Kemper County
Lunsford Road 60.75, Kemper County
County: Kemper Price: $123,019

60.75 acres in S8 and 17, T11N, R19E, Kemper County, MS five miles east of Scooba. The property consists of 53 acres in three year pine plantation with five acres of hardwoods and a small pond. Access is along a woods road from the south off Spates Road. This property can be an excellent long […]

Flat Scooba 2, 59.15 Kemper County
Flat Scooba 2, 59.15 Kemper County
County: Kemper Price: $115,342

59.15 acres in S8, T11N, R18E, Kemper County, MS. Located on the south boundary of Scooba City Limits, this property consists of 30 acres of twelve year pine plantation and 26 acres of bottomland hardwoods along Flat Scooba Creek. Access is permissive across south adjoiner. The hardwood bottom and powerline traversing the northern portion of […]

Flat Scooba 42.71, Kemper County
Flat Scooba 42.71, Kemper County
County: Kemper Price: $96,098

42.71 acres in S12, T11N, R17E, Kemper County, MS. Located just west of Scooba and 2 miles west of Highway 45, with approximately 2700 feet of frontage along the north side Highway 16. The timber consists of twenty five acres of nine year one plantation and five acres of hardwoods along Flat Scooba Creek. Utilities […]

State Line Tract 164.21, Kemper County
State Line Tract 164.21, Kemper County
County: Kemper Price: $308715

164.21 acres in S7, T9N, R19E, Kemper County, MS. the property is just west of the Alabama State Line and offers approximately 145 acres of four year pine plantation with the balance in hardwood Streamside Management Zones. Access is along an old county road from the south and north traversing the property. Located seven miles […]

Sucarnoochee River 28.57 Kemper County
Sucarnoochee River 28.57 Kemper County
County: Kemper Price: $44,284

28.57 acres in Sections 13 & 14, T10N, R17E, Kemper County, MS. The property has approximately 12 acres of eight year pine plantation and 12 acres of hardwoods along the Sucarnoochee River frontage on the north boundary. Access is off Townsend Porterville Road across the southern adjoiner along a haul road. Great small hunting tract […]

Ellis Farm 257 – Sharkey County, MS
Ellis Farm 257 – Sharkey County, MS
County: Sharkey Price: $1184500

Property: Located East of the town Cary, Mississippi near highway 61 the Ellis Farm, is comprised of 257.77 surveyed acres of which +/- 157 acre is cultivated, with +/- 68 acres in a CRP term contract and a balance of 32 acres in natural mature hardwood timber. The cultivated lands are formed to grade with […]

Bee Lake Bungalows Waterfront Lot 10
Bee Lake Bungalows Waterfront Lot 10
County: Holmes Price: $30,000

Bee Lake Bungalows Lot 10 Imagine lazy summer days on the water, sunset views off the pier and being close to some of the best waterfowl and whitetail hunting in the Mississippi Delta in the fall and winter. Situated on the north shore, Bee Lake Bungalows Lot 10 offers developed lots of approximately 2.6 acres […]

East Aberdeen Lake – 509.16 – Monroe County
East Aberdeen Lake – 509.16 – Monroe County
County: Monroe Price: $1,008,137

509.16 acres in S2, T14S, R19W and S35, T13S, R19W, Monroe County, MS fronting Acker Road. The timber consists of approximately 69 acres of 7 year pine plantation, 140 acres of 15 year pine plantation and 188 acres of Hardwood Streamside Management Zones the bulk being along Halfway Creek creating a great wildlife travel corridor […]

Thomastown – 208.52 – Leake County
Thomastown – 208.52 – Leake County
County: Leake Price: 317,993.00

208.52 acres located near Thomastown in Leake County, MS. The timber consists of approximately 143 acres of one year replanted pines, 16 acres of 31 year pines and 50 acres of Streamside Management Zones, hardwood bottom and powerline easement. Access is permissive across the east adjoiner from Beamon Road. Being only 1 mile west of […]

Houston Bypass – 187.36 – Chickasaw County
Houston Bypass – 187.36 – Chickasaw County
County: Chickasaw Price: $417,813

187.37 acres located in Section 18, T14S, R3E, Chickasaw County, MS with 2800 feet of frontage on Hwy. 15 (Houston Bypass). The property consists of 173 acres of twenty year pine plantation and eleven acres of hardwoods. The rolling terrain along with its location just two miles south of the Hwy.8 (Madison Street) and Hwy. […]

Houlka Creek – 188.65 – Chickasaw County
Houlka Creek – 188.65 – Chickasaw County
County: Chickasaw Price: $367,868.00

Nestled in the hills of Chickasaw County, MS, these 188.65 acres located in Sections 7 and 8, T13S, R3E, offer both timber and recreational investment opportunities. The property consists of approximately 70 acres of 18 and 19 year pine plantation and approximately 100 acres of bottomland hardwoods with frontage on both sides of Houlka Creek […]

Johnny Main – 297.64 – Calhoun County
Johnny Main – 297.64 – Calhoun County
County: Calhoun Price: $587,839

297.64 acres located in the hills overlooking the Skuna River basin in Calhoun County, MS. Situated in S24, T12S, R1W and S19, T12S, R1E, the tract has frontage on two sides of County Road 141, a gravel public road and access off Rocky Mt. Road, a paved public road, on the east boundary. Utilities are […]

A collection of land for sale in all regions in Mississippi. Mississippi hunting land for sale, farmland for sale, fishing and timberland for sale.

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Our aim at Sartain’s is to match your goals for land investment in Mississippi. We do not only offer land, but help guide you every step of the way. We cater to marketing existing property and finding new land. We allocate government funding, improve your land, and manage your land.

Mississippi Farmland Investment

Sartain’s has managed quality farmland in Mississippi for over 60 years. Through experience, we as professionals in our field know every thing there is to know. We consult our clients on what to expect with Mississippi farmland investment. Let us help guide you with investing in the most quality farmland in Mississippi.


Farmland is a limited resource and helps in establishing quality products that meet the growing demand for food and fiber. Sartain’s Heritage Properties knows that high-quality farmland is one of the world’s most valuable assets and works to locate and achieve our client’s goals in farmland investment.

Sartain’s Heritage Properties offers a wide variety of exceptional Farms for sale in Mississippi & Arkansas

Surging global population growth is fueling an increase in Farmland investments. In September 2012, world food prices hit record highs, according to the United Nations’ food agency. Expert annalist say there’s no end in sight to this demand which is the driver behind farmland investments.


No surprise then that legendary commodity investor Jim Rogers is gung-ho about farming. He thinks farmland is undervalued, and it will be an investing sweet spot for the next two decades, according to a talk he gave at a 2012 Global AgInvesting Conference in New York.

Investors are often drawn to farmland based upon its cash flow potential (rents or crop yields) in addition to its capital appreciation. Additionally, many investors who are seeking less exposure to paper assets often find that farmland offers the type of diversification that they desire.


Sartain's Heritage Properties offers the highest-quality hunting lands for sale. The properties we offer often have had years of management and time to mature a premium recreational investments.

Many of our recreational properties have been managed for top- quality deer, duck and turkey hunting for years.


We always have premium duck hunting land for sale in Mississippi listed on our website and pride ourselves in only having the highest quality there is. The turkey and deer hunting properties we have go from the Delta Hardwood Bottoms to The Pine Belt Hills.

Sartain's Heritage Properties has a variety of hunting properties that are home to quality wildlife ready and waiting to challenge your hunting expertise. Contact us today and let us help you find the hunting land of your dreams.


Sartain's Heritage Properties understands the importance of timberland as an investment, and ensures that their clients are getting the most from their investment dollars by offering its clients quality timberland investment properties to enhance their client's financial return on investment.

Timberland investment returns are primarily driven by the growth and harvesting of timber and by changes in the value of the underlying lands upon which that timber is being cultivated. As an asset class, timberland offers particularly attractive features that long-term investors view as highly beneficial.


Among other things, it has provided competitive returns relative to its historic risk profile - and these returns compare favorably with those of many traditional asset classes, including stocks, bonds and real estate.

In addition, because of its unique attributes, timberland often performs differently than securities and other financial assets, which means it offers excellent opportunities for improving overall portfolio diversification.

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