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2012 Wild Turkey Scramble

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Thursday – August 2, 2012
Lake Caroline Golf Club
The 19th Annual Wild Turkey Tournament
As it has for the past 18 years, the tournament will be hosted at a Randy Watkins Golf Course.  Like usual, the first Thursday in August.
Click the link below for the 2012 Turkey Tournament Brochure that describes the format and gives you contact information as to how to go about putting your 4-man team together and contacting us regarding your level of participation and contribution toward helping the Greater Jackson Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation raise money that funds our local scholarship program, our endowment at the College of Forestry Resources at Mississippi Sate University, as well as charities that we support, such as Catch-A-Dream.
On behalf of our chapter, I would like to thank you for your past, present, and continued future support of this event.  Our committee will continue to work hard to assure that you have a great time that day and as you know if you have played ……. bring an empty stomach, a thirsty mouth, and a tall wallet to Lake Caroline for a 1 p.m. CDT shotgun start on August 2nd!!
Thanks for all you do for the NWTF!!!
Barry Biggers
Tournament Director
to insure a place in the field!
2012 Turkey Tournament Brochure
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