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2012 Mississippi Spring Turkey Season


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We are blessed with an abundance of Eastern Wild Turkeys across the state of Mississippi.  As spring approaches it is time to dust off our turkey  gear, tune calls, pattern shotguns and anxiously await the opening morning of the Spring Turkey Season.  The 2012 seasons are:

Youth – Mar. 8 -14, 2012 (Private and authorized state and federal public lands; youth 15 and under)   (See Spring season for bag limit.)

SpringMar. 15 – May 1, 2012 – One (1) adult gobbler or 1 gobbler with a 6-inch or longer beard per day, 3 per spring season.

Hunters 15 years of age and younger may harvest 1 gobbler of choice (any age) per day, 3 per spring season.

Some areas of the state are closed to Spring Hunting, so check with MDWFP for those areas.

Sartain’s Heritage Properties has several excellent hunting tracts available in areas with high turkey populations. Call or email us to assist you in your property search.

Get outdoors this spring and take a kid turkey hunting!

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