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ScoutLook WEATHER for the Outdoor Enthusiast


Welcome to ScoutLook™! We are people just like you – hunters, fishermen, golfers, skiers and all around outdoor adventurers. Our passion for the outdoors means we have to be prepared for it. That’s why we created ScoutLook – to bring you activity specific weather information delivered with detailed forecasts, maps & reports. It’s like nothing you’ve used before.

There are many places we can get the weather these days – radios, tv’s, websites, mobile devices and newspapers. At ScoutLook, our aim is to make your weather reports better than all others by delivering you a totally free, simple, uncluttered, and activity specific weather website. We let you personalize it with added content and even share photos of your experiences with friends.

Our Mission is simple: deliver the most reliable, highest quality forecasts, in a website designed for the outdoor enthusiast. Through our inspiration and our free service to you, we hope you’ll love having your weather presented to you the ScoutLook way… just the way you want it! No matter what you pursue on any given day, you’ll be ready when you head out. Welcome to ScoutLook.

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ScoutLook Weather launches site upgrades to greatly enhance functionality and user experience!

ScoutLook has installed subcategory pages covering all types of fishing, hunting, winter sports and other outdoor adventures. These pages will allow users to map, save, manage and swiftly retrieve a full array of weather data, tools and other useful information, in category specific detail as follows:

• Hunting Whitetails – Elk/Big Game – Waterfowl – Turkey/Small Game – Predators/Trapping
• Fishing Lakes – Rivers – Saltwater
• Ski & Mountain Downhill/XC – Hike & Climb – Mountain Biking – Whitewater
• Outdoor Adventure Boating – Sailing – Camping – Snowmobiling – Surf & Beach
• Golf

Waterfowl Wind Map: Allows users to zoom in to the field or body of water they plan to hunt, and view the upwind landing direction of birds as they approach over the next 72 hours. Strategically place decoy sets and blinds in the proper location to factor in shifting winds throughout their hunt to maximize your hunt. Save all locations for fast wind & weather details. Color coded waterfowl/wind icons allow hunters to plan decoy set distances and overall hunt setup in order to be best prepared for the wind as it increases and subsides throughout the hunt.

Fishing Wind Map: Enables users to view the wind direction and speed over any body of water in the US in relation to the position of their vessel, and understand drift direction from any point they wish to fish. Save all fishing locations for fast wind & weather details. Color coded icons depict wind velocity, which can help understand implications for wave heights at different places on the water. Overall, DriftPoint will greatly assist in the planning of the best places to fish or boat based on wind forecasts over a 72 hour period.

Ski Conditions for Downhill & XC
We offer detailed ski/snow conditions at every ski resort in the US. Save resorts on map for integrated weather/ski conditions and fast retrieval for planning your next trip to the slopes.

We are the business of land; our goal is to show you the benefits of land ownership and how to maximize your investment. We take the time with each client to explore all of the opportunities each property offers. Whether it is strictly for investment purposes, or to find the perfect hunting retreat for your family, in each situation, we work diligently to maximize the return on investment you are making.

We are not just land brokers, we are hunters, conservationist, farmers, investors, consultants, we truly understand land from every aspect. For more information on any of the following topics, please click each link. We look forward to working with you to secure your investment in land.

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