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Dove Club Memberships

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Formed 6 years ago the “Dove club” offers outstanding wing shooting during the September and October dove season. Memberships include: one membership and one guest slot per hunt, the hunts are every Saturday during the season and the Labor Day Monday of opening weekend at a cost of $500 per membership for the entire season, this has truly turned into the best dove hunting money can buy. We have a yearly avg of 2,000 birds over about 7-9 hunts. However our memberships are limited to 25 which most slots stay full from returning members, if you would like to learn more information about joining the club contact Jacob today!! 662-836-6048 or

We are the business of land; our goal is to show you the benefits of land ownership and how to maximize your investment. We take the time with each client to explore all of the opportunities each property offers. Whether it is strictly for investment purposes, or to find the perfect hunting retreat for your family, in each situation, we work diligently to maximize the return on investment you are making.

We are not just land brokers, we are hunters, conservationist, farmers, investors, consultants, we truly understand land from every aspect. For more information on any of the following topics, please click each link. We look forward to working with you to secure your investment in land.

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